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Protect your home’s equity, save money and pay for your child’s education at the same time by refinancing.

Invest in Retirement

Locking in lower monthly mortgage payments this year make it easier to put more money away for your golden years.

Consolidate Debt

Refinance your mortgage and use the cash to pay off your credit card debt and put yourself and your family in a better situation today.

Plan for Emergencies

Refinance your mortgage and use the cash to pay off your credit card debt and put yourself and your family in a better situation today.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is extended because you appear to satisfy certain credit derived from information contained in a pre-qualifying report received from a credit reporting agency used by us. The amount and terms of any credit offer we extend to you will be determined by your credit history, your capability to make payments and available equity in your home. You may no longer qualify if you do not continue to meet the criteria used to select your name for this offer or any applicable criteria on credit worthiness or if you do not or can’t furnish any required collateral. To qualify for this offer you may be required to provide up to two years of income verification. This offer is made under the assumption that your debt-to income ratio can’t exceed 50%; other programs may be available with a higher level of debt. Credit severity may affect down payment. The lender may also choose to cancel this offer if it is unable to verify information you have provided. This prescreen offer is based upon the customer’s criteria of >21 years of age. In addition, NLC Loans’ age requirements are 18 years of age or older. All bankruptcies must be discharged. This pre-approved offer is non-transferable, is available only to owner-occupied single family residences or owner-occupied condominiums, and is not valid on mobile homes or cooperatives. The lender or an affiliated lender must be in a valid first or second lien position and property hazard insurance is required. This offer is made by NLC Loans which is not affiliated with your current lender nor is it an agency of the Federal Government or associated with HUD/FHA. This is not a government form. Additional information and documentation may be needed to issue loan commitment. *The proposed payment example is based on a 30-year loan, includes principal and interest, and has a fixed rate of <%>% and <A>% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 30 years and includes standard closing costs. All proposals and approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines. Interest rates fluctuate on a daily basis but will not exceed 12%. Program limitations do apply. Minimum and maximum loan amounts apply. Credit Score and LTV may cause additional fees. As a result of refinancing, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan. New payment does not reflect taxes and insurance.  Deferring a monthly mortgage payment to the end of the loan may increase the payoff amount, ask your Personal Mortgage Advisor for more information. Other options and programs exist; please consult your Personal Mortgage Advisor. The interest rates & programs are based off of data from <variable mail date>.