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Step One: Get Pre-Qualified

Pre-qualification is a simple process that will allow us to tell you how much you can finance and what interest rates will apply to your loan. We’ll need some personal information to get started so that we can get a feel for your income.

Step Two: Find Your Dream Home

Now that you have your pre-qualification letter, you’ll be able to house hunt. Once you find a great house, you can put in an offer and let the seller and their realtor know that you’ll be able to secure the appropriate funding to buy the home if they should accept your offer.

Step Three: Become a Homeowner

Once your application has processed, you’ll meet with your realtor and/or lender to sign closing paperwork. Be prepared to sign your name a lot during closing, as there are many documents that will require your signature. Once your closing paperwork is filed, you’ll officially be a homeowner!

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Helped guide our credit scores from high 500s to low 700s in less than 2 months, and helped answer questions every step of the way. We literally couldn’t have gotten our home without him.

becca dehoyos from Cypress, TX 
FHA Loan


After our bankruptcy 2 years ago and my student loans; owning a home again seemed impossible. We were turned down by another lender that didn’t want to do the work and then along came Jack. Thank you Nations Lending and Jack Mullen for all your hard work and faith in us.

Candice H from Appling County, GA
FHA Loan


We probably spoke to 4-6 people and Karrah stood out as something different. We didn’t feel like at any point she was putting pressure on us or trying to “sell” us. She talked us through our finances and took the time to go over everything with great detail. She really helped us to understand not only our mortgage but our other debts as well.

jminik281 from Houston, TX
FHA Loan

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If you’re struggling to get your FICO credit score up above 600; or if you’re slowly tacking extra debt onto your credit cards; or if you haven’t managed to squirrel away tens of thousands of dollars in your savings account—you may be thinking that home loan approval is a distant pipe dream.

Think again.

In light of the housing crash of 2008, government-subsidized lending options have begun to take precedence while banks have begun reconsidering the way they look at new and first-time homeowners. While applicants once gave up hope if any one of these factors was sub-par, now buyers with seemingly hopeless scores are taking their chances and hoping for the best . . . to the tune of great results.

Scores of Success

While FICO credit scores range from 300-850, most people fall somewhere between 500-700. Once upon a time, you didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Phoenix to get approved for a home loan if your credit score was anywhere below 620. Nowadays, however, FHA loans (guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration) are being granted to people with scores as low as 500!

Generally speaking, you’re going to have a much easier go of it if your score is 580 or higher, but this step away from conventional loans is the key to accessing the flexibility you’ll need to get approved. Beyond FHA loans, additional credit-challenged-friendly loans include VA loans and USDA loans.

Get Down with Down Payments

You’re probably sitting there thinking that you’re going to need at least 40K available out-of-pocket before you’ll be able to afford the down payment on your home . . . but not necessarily!

While traditional home loans may require up to 20% down payment (especially if you want to avoid MIPs), FHA loans can be attained with as little as 3.5% down—VA loans, on the other hand, require no down payment at all. These government subsidized loans, plus USDA loans, are great options for first-time buyers or credit-challenged borrowers who haven’t had the chance to save a huge sum for a down payment.

The Golden Ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is the third major factor that goes into determining the amount of risk you pose to lenders as a home loan applicant. This number—typically determined by dividing your total monthly debt (including the new mortgage payment) by your monthly income—is usually set to a maximum of 35% for manually underwritten loans. Higher FICO credit scores and down payments may merit the acceptance of a DTI as high as 45%. While most requirements for government subsidized loans are slightly less stringent than those for conventional loans, you’ll find that FHA and VA loan DTI requirements fall within these parameters at an average of 42%.

Making it Work

So, why the relaxed restrictions? Well, to begin with, the government doesn’t pay these loans—they merely guarantee them. Through measures including increased mortgage insurance premiums (MPIs), they can rest assured that they have the means necessary to pay off loans that go into default. In addition, most underwriters nowadays are getting more involved in the process and looking past simple scores to assess the fitness of a borrower. This means that you are more likely to get approved if you have a low credit score but low DTI, or if your low credit is a result of something unavoidable, such as medical bills. Long story short: unless you’re hurting in all of the areas listed above, your chances of getting approved might not be that bad!

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